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Oronoco, MN

(75 miles south of Minneapolis)

Youngers House Concert

Address with reservation

Small combo, Dan Schwartz & DB Roessler. It’s the sixth September in a row for my series of three house concerts. This one at The Youngers’ in their expansive wooded back yard is usually the loosest, and I mean that in the nicest, funnest way. For reservations, e-mail houseconcerts@campdave.us.

6:00 pm


sugg don

Fri Sept 19


Monticello, MN

(40 miles NW of Minneapolis)

Moore House Concert

Address with reservation

Small combo, Dan Schwartz & DB Roessler. Year #6 at Jill and Jim’s, outside if the weather permits, indoors if it doesn’t. This always feels like a gathering of old friends (cuz it is), and you’ll fit right in. I just know it. For reservations, e-mail kidsfromtx@tds.net

2:00 pm


sugg don

Sat Sept 20

Somerset, WI

(Just over the MN / WI border)

Peller House Concert

Address with reservation

Small combo, Dan Schwartz & DB Roessler. ”New kid on the block” in the MN9 world (September in Minnesota, The Pellers are in their second year. They do it right -- they built a stage! -- and we had a blast last year. So here comes Round Two! For reservations, e-mail pellerhouseconcert@gmail.com

4:00 pm


sugg don

Sun Sept 21

Nashville, TN

Tomfest III @ The Basement

1604 8th Ave S #330

Solo Acoustic, with Eric Brace & Peter Cooper,The Kevin Gordon Band and Anne McCue. Third straight year for Tom Drew’s awesome birthday party, held at the coolest venue in Nashville (IMHO). For tickets and info, CLICK HERE!

7:00 pm


Sat Oct 11

Nashville, TN

The Bluebird Cafe

4104 Hillsboro Pike

(615) 383-1461

In The Round, with Wyatt Easterling, Jim Photoglo and Robby Hecht. It’s been a couple of years since I played the Bluebird, so it was time to get some pals together for some songs. This place was legendary WAY before the Nashville TV series, and Long May It Run. For tickets and info, CLICK HERE!

9:00 pm


Thu Oct 9

New York, NY

Rockwood Stage 3

185 Orchard St

With Steve Postell on guitars. My third visit to this awesome acoustic room, the newest stage in the Rockwood Music Hall complex. It’s cozy, just 50 seats, but lovely. And quiet. Entrance on Orchard St, not Allen St like the other Rockwood stages. For tickets and info, CLICK HERE!

7:30 pm


Sat Nov 8

Harrisburg, PA

Forker House Concert

Address with reservation

Solo Acoustic. A whole new house concert for me, in a town I don’t play nearly often enough. I’m getting back more consistently lately, so this new home is the right thing at the right time. Come join in with us. For reservations, CLICK HERE!

7:30 pm


Fri Nov 7

Sat Jan 10 -

Sat Jan 17, 2015

Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas

Concert Cruise XV

Celebrity’s “Summit”

FIFTEENTH CONCERT CRUISE! Seven nights in the Southern Caribbean on the Celebrity Summit embarking from San Juan PR, visiting Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Our most ambitious itinerary yet! The annual winter sailing is legendary for its spirit and camaraderie. For details and reservations, visit the Fanclub Cruises website.

$719 - $999 + fees, air fare.

Shipboard meals included!

Sherman Oaks, CA

Society of Singers Benefit @ Cafe Coriale

14015 Ventura Blvd.

Free parking in back.

In The Round with Dan Navarro, Lisbeth Scott, Ken Stacey, Gary Stockdale and Dick Wells. The Society of Singers was founded 30 years ago for the singer community in Los Angeles. Tonight we raise voices, to raise money for it. For tickets, visit www.singers.org or call (818) 995-7100 x102 with credit card.

6:15 pm dinner

8:15pm show


Mon Sept 22

Rockville, MD

Vic’s Music Corner

Ted’s 355 Diner

895 Rockville Pike

Players TBA. Successor to Vic Heyman’s vaunted series, carried on in his name by the Focus Music Group. For tickets and info, CLICK HERE!

7:30 pm


Tue Jan 20



Severna Park, MD

Paula’s House Concert

Address with reservation

Players TBA. Paul Vercamme’s series has quickly become one of the best anywhere. Come see why! For reservations, CLICK HERE!

7:00 pm


Fri Jan 23



Falls Church, VA

Brown House Concert

Address with reservation

Players TBA. Two shows. This is my fifth and sixth shows at Laurie Brown’s in Falls Church. They’re cozy and sweet sweet sweet. The second show is usually on the loose side. :)  For reservations, CLICK HERE!

3 pm / 8 pm


Sat Jan 24



Dan Navarro Concert Cruise #15 Jan 10-17, 2015 - Ship is filling up fast. May be unable to confirm reservation after Oct 1. Hurry!